assalamualaikom! :D

im back after setaon xblogging.. hahaha.. okeyh. harinih saya nk promo 1 sim kad nih, mgkn berbaloi kepada smua pengguna maxis :)

dye mcm HOTLINK YOUTHCLUB jgk, tp skg Hotlink Youthclub dh xkua, so, dye ganti gn Hotlink Bagos.. ehh.. "Bagos" sgt ke? hahaha.. 

so, jom kte tgk ap kelebihan dye. berbaloi ke?

Hotlink just got more Bagus!

Hey Hotlink users! Life just got Lagi Bagus for you – with the new Hotlink Bagus Starter Pack, you can enjoy more benefits with every top up!

Hotlink users can now enjoy the best rates on Talk, Text, Surf, IDD and Data Roaming Subscribe to the Bagus 5 Pass and enjoy 12 cents/minute and 1 cent/SMS to any Hotlink/Maxis mobile number. Surf the internet on-the-go from as low as RM2/Day for 100MB. Enjoy the lowest IDD Call & SMS rates to over 200 countries and stay connected socially when abroad with the lowest Data Roaming rates in 10 countries, at RM5/MB.

Get your new Hotlink Bagus Starter Pack today from your nearest Hotlink dealer.

For existing Hotlink customers, keep you number and just upgrade to Bagus by dialing *108*21#.

for more information :
go to here  or  here or try at Hotlink


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